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My supertitles are simple PowerPoint presentations, compatile with any computer on which PowerPoint has been installed.

To use my supertitles, you need:

1. Computer (Mac or PC)

2. Digital video projector & projection screen

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

4. Trebuchet font (my favorite for supertitles)

I email you the PowerPoint file. Double click it, zoom and focus the first test slide on your screen, and then press the space bar to proceed from slide to slide as you follow my clearly marked cueing score.

The supertitle slides are light-colored text on a black background, so there is no light "spillover" beyond the edges of the screen. The brightness of the text depends on the projector. See the slideshow on the home page for some examples.

The supertitles are formatted to a standard aspect ratio (approx 1x4) with a maximum of three lines of text. I usually supply you with two powerpoint files differing only in font size. You can choose the one that best suits your screen and projector lens.

Custom formatting and text resizing are always available.


Slide and Score Samples:

Click the image to see an actual supertitle slide

You receive a clearly marked cueing score.

Click the image below to see
an actual page from a cueing score

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